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The battery pack for xp is a lithium ion battery set that lasts longer than conventional batteries and do not require replacement as often. The logiq book xp acdc power pack kit is used in logiq book xp, which is an ultrasound system with versatile transducers for vascular, breast, thyroid, cardiac, and abdominal imaging. Its a compact, portable ultrasound system weighing just over 10 pounds while providing clear images on its 10. The lithium ion technology used is significantly less hazardous to the environment. The ge logiq i is a versatile ultrasound system with capabilities comparable to that of a full size console unit.

The system has all the technologies of conventional ultrasound systems in a convenient, portable and compact package. National ultrasound offers products by ge healthcare, a leader in portable ultrasound equipment. View online or download ge logiq 9 technical manual. Logiq book xp enhanced to autorecognize the present application. Our systems facilitate accurate diagnoses while supporting efficient workflow, and draw on the latest security technologies to help you maintain data privacy and repel cyber threats. Exclusive raw data digital acquisition and storage. Hemodynamic imaging bflow blood flow visualization and contrast imaging applications cardiac imaging amm anatomical mmode, auto ef, tvi tissue velocity imaging and stress echo. One touch image optimization with an easy to use interface. Ge logiq book xp enhanced color doppler machine at rs 450000. The ac power pack accepts the universal ac input, which means it can. Logiq s8 simply amazing bflow may help visualize vesselwall irregularities stenosis with measurement carotid plaque for vulnerability study e. Logiq f8 is a step forward in versatility for abdominal, vascular, cardiac, musculoskeletal, obgyn, pediatric, and small parts imaging. Service technicians ultrasound forum logiq book xp mark scott springfield cardiology i have a logiq book xp which will not boot.

With a wide range of applications, logiq ultrasounds will enable you to help patients from radiology, vascular, interventional, musculoskeletal, and pointofcare applications. Logiq e10 is based on ges csound architecture platform, which acquires and reconstructs data in a similar manner to an mri or ct system, allowing for 10 times the processing power of previous systems and 48 times the data. The ge logiq book and logiqbook xp were the first portable ultrasound machines from ge. Ge logiq book xp portable machine in the highly competitive portable ultrasound market, the ge logiq book xp compact ultrasound machine is consistently ranked at or near the head of the class. Ge logiq book xp portable ultrasound shared service. Description the logiq e10 provides robust tools that give radiologists a new level of confidence in their diagnostic decisions. Product description the logiq e is a high performance multipurpose color compact imaging system designed for cardiac, abdominal, obstetrics, gynecology, vascular, musculoskeletal, small parts, pediatric, neonatal and intraoperative applications. Logiq s7 with xdclear probes help you achieve sensational performance. Enhanced image quality, further reducing speckle enhanced viewing with the new lcd screen, for higher resolution, brightness, angle viewing, and clarity enhanced speed with a 70% faster startup enhanced mode transition speed at 30% faster logiq book xp enhanceds leading platform is designed to provide a new level of clinical value and productivity for. The ge logiq book ultrasound machine is a portable medical system that features softwareintensive truscan architecture, which delivers unsurpassed computational power, image processing capabilities, workflow flexibility, and upgradeability. Logiq s8 r2 specification sheet logiq s8 product description the logiq s8 is our premium multipurpose ultrasound imaging system designed for abdominal, vascular, breast, cardiac, small parts, obstetrics, gynecology, neonatal, pediatrics, urology and transcranial applications. Logiq p9p7 r1 ge healthcare dicom conformance statement dir doc1629000 rev 1 1 conformance statement overview logiq p9p7 is an ultrasound scanner acting as an acquisition modality in a dicom network. Fulfill support needs ge continues to support you beyond the product with education programs and online resources.

None of the equipment posted for sale on is owned by medwow, should you have any questions regarding a specific item, please direct them to the appropriate seller by making use of. It is powered by an acdc power pack kit that is provided with the system. Page 1 ge healthcare logiq book xp series basic service manual part number. Battery pack for xp other logiq book xp ge healthcare. Portable ultrasound machine ge logiq book xp soma technology. We offer this product in different specifications that meet on patrons demand.

The system is built on the softwarebased architecture that distinguishes ges logiq family of systems from all others. Ge ultrasound power adapter for logiq e logiq i logiq book gx vivid e, vivid q. Ge logiq book xp ultrasound machine for sale support. General electric company reserves the right to make changes in specifications and features shown herein, or discontinue the product described at any time. The ge logiq book xp ultrasound is a complete, digital imaging ultrasound system with highperformance, multimodality capabilities. The system boasts all the technologies of conventional ultrasound systems in a convenient, portable and compact package.

It fetches for a fairly low price in the market, this sturdy vet ultrasound device is known for excellent image quality and is ideal for tissue harmonic imaging and a variety of transducers for the small and large animal market. Logiq delivers cloudbased solutions handling businesscritical data between our customers and their business partners. A refurbished ge logiq book xp vet portable ultrasound machine has long been a staple in portable veterinary ultrasound. Manufacturer specifications logiq book, ge healthcare. The handcarried logiq book xp is designed to be used anywhere at any time. We exchange electronic invoices, orders, order confirmations, catalogue information and other related business documents within a. Logiq s8 r2 specifications davis medical electronics.

Ge logiq book xp ultrasound machine for sale support from. Ge logiq book xp portable ultrasound machine dre medical. A revamped ge logiq book xp vet has great history as a popular portable ultrasound machine dedicated for veterinary applications. Logiq e9 system, compare assistant can even automatically set the scanning parameters thanks to the ge raw data capabilities. With console and portable ultrasound offerings, ges logiq line is sure to have a system perfect for your specific practice. Logiq book xp software needed service technicians forum. Ge healthcare logiq book xp series pdf user manuals. The logiq e9 with xdclear provides easytouse tools that help busy department and practices improve workflow without compromising image quality and diagnostic confidence. The logiq p9 is easy to use and enables fast exams through customizable user workflow and productivity tools. The ge logiq book xp is a high performance, multipurpose, portable imaging system designed for a variety of clinical applications. If you need a shared service ultrasound, look no further than ges line of logiq ultrasounds. Buy ge logiq book xp ultrasound equipment price cost. Its the choice for a personalized, patientcentric and practical ultrasound system.

It has dc input port to connect the adapter to power the system. Color doppler, spectral doppler, b, m, triplex, 3 d. It is an assembly that consists of the probe, a probe care card and a document for certification of compliance. You have access to product and applications videos to help ease your transition. Logiq book xp acdc power pack kit see more like this. The paddle switch is used to access and adjust the sub softmenu. This is simply one of the fastest, smallest and most powerful refurbished portable ultrasounds you can buy. The 3srs collector probe is used in the ultrasound machines, magnetic resonance mr machines and in a few other digital imaging di machines. The ge logiq i portable ultrasound is an excellent choice for customers searching for a premium radiology system. The ge logiq book xp is a high performance and multipurpose portable imaging system designed for a variety of clinical applications. Logiq book xp acdc power pack kit other logiq book xp. The logiq e10 system helps you make a real difference in the lives of patients with breast disease.

There are parts like emi shield, heat shrink tube, led, nosepiece and few other accessories found in the probe assembly. This newer model offers more features and increased power, but is still available at an affordable price through. Clinicians need an ultrasound system that will help them identify highrisk liver cancer patients, track disease. The ultrasound system has amazing versatility across a wide range of clinical applications including abdominal, vascular, small parts, obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, pediatric, neonatal, transcranial and urology. Practitioners can take the lightweight logiq book directly to patients whenever and wherever without difficulty. Logiq book xps advanced platform is designed to provide new levels of clinical value and productivity for the most demanding healthcare environments. Aside from being lightweight and easy to use, the logiq book xp provides an ergonomic design, flexible applications, excellent image quality, and it. Ge logiq book xp portable ultrasound shared service the ge logiq book xp enhanced ultrasound allows technicians and doctors to make confident decisions regarding patient care.

No matter what healthcare setting you work in, the logiq book xp provides you with a value that no other ultrasound system can. Used ge logiq book ultrasound equipment on sale used. The logiq p9 is a highly capable ultrasound system that provides excellent image quality and productivity through easy to use tools across a wide range of applications in a portable, ergonomic, budgetfriendly system design. The best sleeping position for back pain, neck pain, and sciatica tips from a physical therapist duration. I have 3 cds for this logiq book xp base system software load image rev 1 part no.

For years, the logiq book xp has been popular and known to be a solid, durable vet ultrasound machine with good image quality and good price in the midrange market. The portable ge logiq book xp is the future of ultrasound technology. Ge logiqbookxpuser manual international electrotechnical. The ge logiq book xp is a high performance, multipurpose, portable. The ge logiq book xp is an upgrade from the ge logiq book and offers increased stability and power. Auto image optimization and function keys allow for diagnostic con. The ge logiq book xp is the next generation of portable ultrasound from ge healthcare and builds on the already strong reputation of the original ge logiq book. Ge logiq book xp vet ultrasound machine for sale support.

Logiq f8 is equipped with touch panel technology that helps reduce keystrokes by keeping relevant menus within reach. The batteries can be used in portable consumer electronic devices in which physical specifications such as weight and form factor are considered. The ge logiq i portable ultrasound is the portable version of the ge logiq series and the upgrade to the ge logiq e. The ge logiq book xp is a high performance and multipurpose portable imaging system designed for a variety of clinical. The logiqbook provided a large screen for the time though reliability. The logiq book xp provides comprehensive software for annotation and calculations supporting cardiology, obstectrical. This ultrasound machine is full of quality features including an easy to use interface with one touch image optimization, a streamlined workflow, an ergonomic design. Logiq book xp enhanced universal diagnostic solutions. View online or download ge healthcare logiq book xp series basic service manual. All of our refurbished options have restored the look, feel, and functionality to the original oem specifications through our detailed refurbishment process. The logiq book xp is hand carried and it can be used anywhere at anytime. We have the ge logiq book xp for sale at up to 60% off the original retail price, and our refurbished systems meet or exceed the manufacturers specifications. Offering radiology, vascular, breast, interventional, msk, cardiac, and obgyn applications, logiq tm ultrasound systems help you care for a wide range of patients. According to cispr 11, this is group 1, class a ism equipment.

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