Chesterton 880 mechanical seal pdf

Leveraging chesterton s proprietary axius modular platform, the 1810 can be configured with several different face profiles and auxiliary components which allows performance to be tailored to a wide range of process conditions. Chesterton 770 mechanical seal 46208 chesterton oring stationary seat 46808. Chesterton 880s mechanical seal 52343 chesterton 770 mechanical seal 46208. Fits all din, iso, ansi and other popular pumps, no shaft sleeve wear, selfaligning. Watch the video to learn more or view the product page. This chesterton single cartridge seal offers you the ultimate in seal quality, flexibility, and convenience.

The chesterton mechanical seal catalog is a starter reference. Mechanical seals and sealing solutions that improve the reliability of pumps and other equipment. We collaborate closely with your team to deliver highvalue designs that provide a competitive edge. The 99% graphite material provides strong and stable support needed. Rotating equipment solutions mechanical seals, pump packing, gaskets, and more english pdf. A precisionmachined, split carbon sleeve used as a spacer in valve stuffing boxes. Chesterton s 891 is a balanced, highperformance component single seal.

Determine if the rotary unit is the short version sh short rotary. Chesterton mech seal cat free ebook download as pdf file. Benefit from chesterton s extensive knowledge and experience across industries call us today. This seal combines the chesterton 880 440 rotary units with a selfaligning stationary sas ceramic seat. The exceptional physical properties make them suitable for use on rams or pistons in reciprocating and rotary applications. Chesterton companys entire mechanical seal catalog catalogue on directindustry. The a2382 seal design delivers high reliability and meets tough emissions requirements through advanced seal face design and low heat generation. Spray layout fluid on the end of the shaft and measure and mark the installation dimension from the reference point. Chesterton 1210 component dual seal chesterton corporate. Cartridge seals are ideal for plantwide standardization and save time with easy installation. The chesterton mechanical seal catalog is a starter reference source to help users identify standard mechanical seal recommendations. Chesterton mech seal cat stainless steel sintering scribd. Chesterton s api seals provide a versatile approach to refinery, chemical, and petrochemical sealing. The chesterton mechanical seal catalog is a starter reference source to help users.

Cartridge seals chesterton mechanical seals, packing. A twopart, form inplace gasket material that allows for the creation of ultrathin gaskets in any size, any shape. Any mechanical seal returned to chesterton that has been in operation. This seal catalog is not an operations or safety manual. These wear rings reduce radial movement, therefore helping to extend seal life. Industrial sealing solutions, applications expertise, and equipment reliability products and services in over 110 countries worldwide. The 891 can be run against many different stationary seal rings for maximum flexibility in many applications. View chesterton cartridge mechanical seals by type. A design that incorporates a unique dynamiclip geometry which provides the optimal sealing force required for lowpressure pneumatic applications. The centrifugal pump claimed in claim 2 in which said seal is mounted on said impeller face. Chesterton s cartridge seal offerings include exclusive, patented features such as selfcentering lock rings and adjustable gland tabs. For the best in mechanical seal design and sealing solutions, turn to the applications expertise of a. A n easytoinstall smart sensor and app that helps industrial teams avoid costly downtime of pumps, motors, and other rotating equipment.

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