2008 proto rail manual pmr

Proto slg wont fire paintball guns and gear forums. We have a great proto regulator selection in stock and ready to ship out today. Comes with a clamping feedneck, solenoid driven, and it uses the tradition air inlet for the hyper. Proto parts circuit board for 2011 rail proto parts solenoid gasket pmr09 ships within 2 weeks.

There have been the proto pmr, proto slg, proto rail and now most recently the proto rize and maxxed rize. Critical raze trigger for the proto rail for the pmr. The 2011 pmr is a great buy for the 2011 paintball season. The choice of champions the proto rail is the ideal marker for the player looking for an immediate advantage over the competition. Matrix 2008 matrix rail matrix 2009 proto matrix rail paintball gun upgrades and acces. Humphrey heb10a4gl102w used in proto matrix rail 2007, 2008. What makes the reflex a so highly sought after is dyes proprietary fuse bolt technology which allows this. The proto rail 2011 solenoid is machined with the highest of quality standards to ensure smooth and consistent airflow through your 2011 proto rail. And black frame has the stock matching trigger, and trigger pin, as well as stock trigger guard no internals, or. Buy a used gun and save as much as 50% versus buying new. Slick lube parts kit barrel sock owners manual warranty card additional recommended tools 5. The dye reflex rail is the ultimate in high end reliability and performance. Bolt system for the proto reflex rail 2011 and up takes accuracy, speed, and efficiency to a whole new level.

Humphrey heb10a4gl102w 91941 used in proto matrix rail 2007, 2008. The result is the perfect balance of performance and price, giving the player every. Proto paintball guns are the first name in tournamentwinning performance at a recreational price. Techt proto reflex rail l7 bolt upgrade for paintball markers. The pm8 the latest matrix released under the proto label, now comes standard with the dye ultralite frame installed, as opposed to being a separate dropin upgrade. Featured items newest items bestselling alphabetical. In 2008, our chief design engineer, tobias obermeit had a vision to build a semiauto. The idea behind the l7 bolt system is to reduce the moving mass inside of the marker to the bare minimum. Get the best deals on proto matrix rail when you shop the largest online selection at.

Should be in need of just a new board to fix the slow cycling issue. Adding the features of a highend marker such as a precision honed barrel, eye pipe self cleaning eye system, dye fuse bolt, and a hyper3 inline regulator into a composite 45 frame and aluminum body the rail is a tournament quality marker at an entrylevel price. Proto matrix rail limited edition camo a new color pattern for one of the most complete markers sold today. Matrix 2008 matrix rail matrix 2009 upgrades and accessories to fit the proto matrix rail paintball gun.

Make offer proto dye reflex rail paintball marker greenblack. If you have any tech questions, dont hesitate to call and our staff will be happy to assist you 858. Etek 4 vs axe vs proto rail im new to this reddit page. Proto matrix rail grips pmr 07 08 2007 2008 standard composite frame. I have a proto matrix railpmr a empire invert 2 electric paintball hopper matte black, an empire 684500 compressed air paintball tank, nxe elevation series tank cover, custom products 1 piece cp advantage barrel dust black, gen x global tactical vest paintball harness. Proto matrix manual and all other proto manuals found here. Paintball gun manuals for the proto paintball guns. Blog paintball museum virtue board for proto matrix 7.

Dye slick lube parts kit barrel plug owners manual warranty card 9v battery the rail comes with the tools required to perform. Clearance item proto ul trigger pmr red only 1 available. Not a small leak, but air was continually coming out. Proto matrix rail 2007 2008 pmr solenoid tested good. Slg upgrades and accessories to fit the proto slg paintball gun. Light and sturdy design, for replacing rails, crossings, switchblades and associated components. Click here please read, understand and follow the directions in your dye paintball marker owners manual. You will notice the new 2011 proto rail paintball gun milling and features. Dye proto matrix maintenance hyper 2 regulator youtube. Proto markers deliver serious firepower for entry level to advanced players. Order a proto regulator today and get a great deal.

I just bought a 2011 dye pmr from a guy and when i went to shoot it, the pressure severely dropped when i shot fast. Slg proto slg paintball gun upgrades and accessories. Pm8 parts pmr parts slg parts proto matrix 8 pm8 replacement parts. Proto pmr matrix rail 2007 factory body frame vertical asa trigger red black. The only limitations on how fast you can shoot are the markers internal. The leg is vertically adjustable over a 400 mm range. Roughly based on an early, futuristic looking george kellgren design, the pmr30 was released in 2010 with high praise and stands out as one of the most innovative handguns in the world today. Stock regulator on a dm4, dm5, dm6, dm7, pm5, pm6, pm7, pmr. Proto matrix rail how is proto matrix rail abbreviated. M8 owners manual included with your m8 m8 marker allen tool set including 1.

Over the last 8 years, proto has been one of the leaders in entrylevel tournament paintball guns. Its awesome as it is if you use it stock, but this special edition includes several upgrades right out of the box that make it a great value. Proto, a division of dye, takes the revolutionary ideas and concepts of the dm series and incorporates them into proto matrix rail designs. Other pmr 09 manual 8 channel pmr446 69 lnstruction manualxx fully functional in the proto matrix rail and proto matrix 07 pmr manual pdf. Pmr for the win im just gona say i have a fully upped ion and i love it to death but go with the pmr my ions a beast i droped almost 600 into it and i regret it cuz wirth that 8 hundrd dollars i spent i could have a damn ego lol. Thinking about buying a proto pmr paintball guns and. Lightening the bolt means that the marker will naturally have less kickrecoil as the bolt moves back and forth. Rail owners manual included with your proto matrix rail rail marker 1 pc proto barrel allen tool set including 0. Actionvillage is the source for every model, color and pattern of proto paintball gun. Nothing wrong with a proto rail maxxed ether dont even bother with the pmr, but its a bit cheaper for a reason. Since 1994, dye continues to innovate within the sport of paintball.

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