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In two days, american voters will send a president to the white house, but both the leading candidates have the highest disapproval. The video opens with navarro asserting, show me the 60 minutes episode a year ago, two years ago during the obama administration, during the bush administration, that said, hey. Trump talks clinton concession, obamacare in 60 minutes. Donald trump will give his first postelection interview on 60 minutes this sunday nov 10, 2016 2. Watch the most successful television broadcast in history, offering investigative reports, interviews, feature segments, episodes and profiles. Current episode aired 10 may 2020 pandemic politicsamazonghost guns pandemic politics investigates whether politics is preventing the scientific community from doing important research on covid19. Last sundays episode covered russian hacking of the 2016 u. In an investigation for 60 minutes, scott pelley looked into how nonsense on one website can break out to become the hottest. Trump appeared to respond to the 60 minutes episode in a tweet on sunday.

Brad parscale, digital director for trumps campaign, was a critical factor in the presidents election. Donald trump sat down for a wideranging interview with 60 minutes, in which he was pushed on china, russia, climate change, his mockery of. Focus group reflects nations dark mood ahead of election day. Stormy daniels attracts 22 million viewers to 60 minutes. Some of our children are missing looks at the growing crisis of runaways and talks to youth counselors in new york and washington. View the latest 60 minutes videos, interviews, features, profiles, and more. So hillary called and it was a lovely call and it was a tough call for her. Cbs news and 60 minutesare doing everything within their power, which is far less today than it was in the past, to. It also talks to former secretary of health, education and welfare wilbur cohen about the current state of welfare in the united states and looks at luxury living by the jet set of palm beach.

Show me the 60 minutes episode a year ago, two years ago, or during the obama administration, during the bush administration that said, hey, global pandemics coming, you. Why president trump asked ukraine to look into a dnc. I was looking for 60 minutes overtime from the may 7, 2017 episode with ben ferencz and discovered that no ability to search within prime videocbs all access. Fbi director andrew mccabe about the events surrounding investigation into russian influence on the 2016 presidential election. Trump blasts oprah over 60 minutes episode and challenges her to election battle. Facebook brad parscale is the man behind the trump campaigns digital media efforts in 2016. Stormy daniels bags best 60 minutes ratings since obamas. Peter navarro challenges 60 minutes on the white houses. Then, there was an episode in 2009, during the obama years, when the cdc gave 60 minutes rare access for a glimpse into how it was responding to a nationwide crisis. It also offers a profile of nfl football star joe namath quarterback of the new york jets and looks at some color sound footage of the soviet invasion of czechoslovakia shot in prague. Trump lambasts 60 minutes after episode about his covid. The illinois state board of elections in springfield was highlighted in a 60 minutes story, aired sunday on cbs, about russian hackers breaking into some voting systems in 2016. Episode guide 60 minutes, the most successful broadcast in television history.

The program was created by producer don hewitt who set it apart by using a. During sunday nights 60 minutes covid19 special white house trade adviser peter navarro had the audacity to push back on host bill whitakers precededbyfalseassertion questions, and boy did they try to make him pay for it by midday monday 60 minutes was trending on twitter, with the subhead that the show came with receipts to shut navarro down. Anderson coopers interview with stormy daniels propelled 60 minutes to its highestrated episode in 10 years. Debuting in 1968, the program was created by don hewitt, who chose to set it apart from other news programs by using a unique style of reportercentered investigation.

Offering hardhitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of. Bernie sanders talked about michael bloomberg, donald trump, democratic socialism. Tucker sounds off on new jussie smollett developments. The consensus view of the cia, nsa, fbi and a senate investigation is that russians interfered in. Presidentelect trump speaks to a divided country cbs news. Current episode aired 10 may 2020 pandemic politicsamazonghost guns. Daniels heavily promoted 60 minutes interview is unlikely to alter the course of the scandal already brewing over whether the contract with daniels, signed just. Weve covered 2020 election security and how much of the united states doesnt seem serious about it. It also looks at a yugoslavian production of the musical hair and takes a look at venice in italy which is becoming prime tourist destination. Watch live from south africa as barack obama makes a. Facebook embeds, russia and the trump campaigns secret weapon. Now questions surround how he did it tonight, youre going to hear from a 41year. Watch full episodes of 60 minutes and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at. The questions were biased and slanted, the facts incorrect.

Focus group reflects nations dark mood ahead of election. Michael knowles praises president donald trump for outmaneuvering a leftwing host. Anderson coopers stormy daniels interview draws highest. Cbs news and 60 minutes are doing everything within their power, which is far less today than it was in the past, to defend china and the horrible virus pandemic that was inflicted on the usa and the rest of the world. Watch 60 minutes episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. Stormy daniels 60 minutes interview with anderson cooper drove the cbs newsmag to 21. What happened when russia hacked the united states election infrastructure then, inside the memorial to victims of lynching. Donald trump discusses the affordable care act and hillary clintons concession phone call in excerpts from sundays episode of 60 minutes, which represents his first television interview.

Jeff flake acknowledged something very important and sad about the state of our politics. The digital guru from trumps 2016 campaign has been chosen to run the presidents 2020 reelection bid. White house tour follows tricia nixon as she takes viewers on a tour of the private living quarters of the white house. In an interview with 60 minutes correspondent anderson cooper after his victory in the nevada caucuses, sen. Offering hardhitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments, and profiles of people in the news, the cbs news magazine has been the numberone program a record five times. Apparently, the journalists at popular current events show 60 minutes see the same sad trend in america right now. A top trump official tried to play gotcha with 60 minutes. President donald trump on sunday lambasted cbs news and its flagship 60 minutes program for doing everything within their power to defend china after an episode that explored his. Fake news online played a key role in the presidential election. The chibok girls talks to several young nigerian women who were captives of boko haram. Amazon looks at how the internet giant ships millions of packages everyday but may. Cbs news and 60 minutes are doing everything within their power, which is far less today than it was in the past, to.

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